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Our Team


John Shea


John Shea has been a car enthusiast since he worked at a Shell gas station where he pumped gas and developed a knowledge for automotive repair.

After two business transactions in 45 years, John became the third owner of Tiger Distributing. John purchased Tiger Distributing because he noticed that there were changes that needed to be made for the company to be successful, so when the previous owner was preparing to sell, John decided he would buy the company.


Being a business owner was a dream of John’s before he purchased Tiger Distributing, and he thought that this might be his last chance to own a business.
Before purchasing Tiger Distributing in 2015, John was an employee for 22 years before becoming the owner. He is dedicated to the continued service to the Baton Rouge region. As the company eclipses 50 years in business, we are excited as we progress into the next half-century and beyond.

John has built an appreciation for drag racing when he would spend time with his friends who were also drag racers. He started by driving a 1967 Chevy Two Station Wagon with a six-cylinder engine, and a column shift with three on the tree. This became a family gathering as his brothers and mother would go to the track with him from time to time. From 1968-1973 John drag raced as a hobby, then in the 2000s, he turned that hobby into a profession.

Kelly Partin

Office Manager

Kelly has been the Office Manager in the Tiger Distributing showroom and warehouse at 9661 Chalma Ave. for five years. She enjoys her job at Tiger because she and her co-workers get along so well together and how well they communicate so that they can help provide customers with the best customer service possible. Most of all, Kelly enjoys working with Tiger Customers helping to match them with the high-quality car care products and car wash supplies to ensure all of their auto detailing supplies needs are met!


Dean Woodward


Dean has worked at Tiger Distributing as the chemist for 22 years. His favorite thing about working at Tiger Distributing is that he and his co-workers feel like family. Dean has a strong passion for cars, which allows him to fit in perfectly on the Tiger Distributing team. Dean also enjoys helping customers with the perfect car care products that they need to detail their cars.

Bill Butler

Driver/Sales Representative

Bill Butler has been with Tiger Distributing for two years. As a detailing enthusiast, he enjoys being around other automotive detailing enthusiasts. That makes being in the field, helping customers solve their auto detailing supplies needs even more enjoyable.

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